I started learning the piano when I was seven, my whole family are musicians so I think it was in my blood! I studied all the classical grades at an early age and developed love for boogie-woogie and jazz styles during my teenage years.  I studied music at uni and during this time I developed a real passion for improvisation and composition.  On completing my degree I went on to study jazz and have played the piano in various trios and jazz line ups over the years.  I now also play keyboards in various function bands including my own band, Funky Buddha.
My real passion has always been playing is the piano though, I listen to loads of music and love the variety of sounds and styles the piano can produce. I find it a wonderfully expressive instrument and I practice hard and Iā€™m keen to keep my repertoire up to date.  I love hearing a song and working it out for the piano and adding something new and fresh to it. I have a broad repertoire of music and clients often comment that there was something for everyone in my performance.